Theodore Roosevelt, “Conservation as a National Duty,” Textual Authentication

  1. Speech title as it is to be printed: “Conservation as a National Duty”
  2. Exact date and place of speech delivery: 13 May 1908 at the Conference of Governors of the United States of America, in the White House, Washington DC.
  3. Complete name of speaker with year of birth and year of death: Theodore D. Roosevelt (1858–1919).
  4. Complete name of editor or compiler of electronic text: Jessica Sheffield (compiler and editor).
  5. Date of electronic edition: 2009.
  6. Languages: English (100%).
  7. Library of Congress Subject Headings.   General level: Roosevelt, Theodore, 1858-1919.  Library of Congress Classification: E757.
  8. The electronic copy-text version of the speech was edited, collated, and proofread by Jessica Sheffield. The final version was prepared on December 23, 2010.

Statement of Editorial Procedures:

The copy-text is Roosevelt 1908 (=A), the text printed in the Proceedings of a Conference of Governors in the White House, May 13-15, 1908 and published by the Washington Government Printing Office following the conference’s conclusion.

Three copies of the speech were compared.  Speech Text B is a digitized version of Speech Text A, which is the text as published in the Proceedings of a Conference of Governors in the White House, May 13-15, 1908.  Speech Text C is the text collected in the Theodore Roosevelt Papers at Harvard Library.  Comparison of the texts indicated that Speech Text A was the speech as delivered, whereas Speech Text C was a preparation copy of the speech.  Speech Text A was selected as the more authoritative version based on the fact that it was published and widely distributed following the conference. 

Paragraph numbers have been added in square brackets.

The text of this edition has been thoroughly checked and proofread.

All double quotation marks are rendered with “, all single quotation marks with apostrophe ‘.

This copy text is not subject to end-of-line hyphenation.

Special characters and characters with diachronic marks: none.

Departures from the copy-text and general editorial procedures are as follows (reference numbers specify paragraph in which the departure occurs): Ellipses in paragraphs 45 and 47 replace asterisks (* * *) in the original text and indicate textual omissions from the quoted Maine Supreme Court and New Jersey Appeals Court decisions.