Lincoln, “A House Divided,” Sources

Suggested Readings, Audio-Visual Materials, and On-Line Resources


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The “House Divided” Speech

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Lincoln’s Speeches

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The Historical Period

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Audio-Visual Materials

“Abraham and Mary Lincoln: A House Divided.” PBS American Experience, DVD, 2001.

“Abraham Lincoln: Preserving the Union.” A&E Biography, DVD, 1997.

“Civil War.” PBS series with Ken Burns, 1990, 5 DVD set.

“Life of Lincoln Interactive.” Indiana Historical Society, DVD, 2004.

Online Resources

“Abraham Lincoln Association” homepage, includes links to “Lincoln Daily Log,”

“Abraham Lincoln Historical Digitalization Project,” links to digitalized indexes and documents from Lincoln’s Illinois years, 1830-1860,

“Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum,” includes interactive timeline, exhibit information, and links to other Lincoln-related sites,

“American President: Abraham Lincoln.” Miller Center for Public Affairs, University of Virginia,

“Collected Works of Lincoln,” searchable by simple and Boolean searches with unique word index,

“History Channel” link on Lincoln includes hyperlinks to key figures and topics,

“House Divided Speech – Abraham Lincoln,” The Lincoln Institute/The Lehrman Institute.

“Illinois Historic Preservation Agency,”

“Illinois State Archives,”

“Illinois State Historical Society,”

“Journal of the Abraham Lincoln Association,”

“Library of Congress’ American Memory” site search by topic or timeline,

“Lincoln Bicentennial Commission,”

“Lincoln Studies Center at Knox College,”

There also are over 70,000 entries under “abraham lincoln house divided speech analysis” on Google.